About Us

About Us

Thank you for visiting Ridgeview Motors, conveniently located in Spencerport, NY, serving affordable used cars, trucks and SUVs to the Rochester community. Our site menu includes: 

  • An online inventory of all our used cars, trucks and SUVs (complete with pictures, descriptions and prices).
  • For even more cars, check out our database of quality used cars at our second dealership, Summit View Auto, just minutes east of Ridgeview Motors.
  • If you still haven’t found the car or truck you were looking, for call us!  We have ready access to literally hundreds of cars and trucks.
  • Financing (Apply Online if you’d like); we have financing for everyone.
  • Extended Warranties; guarantee that your vehicle will outlast the loan!
  • Full service car repair and service center.
  • Meet our Staff, visit our team today, we're here to stay.

It’s become trite to say, Low overhead means low prices. Fact is, we all have to manage our overhead to be competitive and stay in business. But our core business is cars and using experienced professional car buyers to make wise purchases is our competitive advantage. We’d rather start our value-added processes with a good car than throw money at fixing someone else’s old problems. 

Our business is based on offering affordable quality cars, trucks and SUVs to our customers. For over a quarter century our customers have honored us with referrals and repeat business. We’ve offered fair car pricing to our customers long before the Internet required it. In fact, our competitive pricing has made us an Internet Company so, yes, we can help arrange shipping throughout the continental US. 

Thank you for considering Ridgeview Motors conveniently located just west of Rochester, NY. Call (585-352-1000), e-mail, or visit 5595 West Ridge Road today.

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