Cars in America have transitioned from luxury to necessity. Whether it’s driving to work, getting groceries, or visiting Mom … try going a week (or even a day) without a car. But cars are like houses; many of us simply can’t afford to delay buying a car while saving up the money for an all cash purchase. 

As a used car dealer, we can help:

  • Used cars are lower in cost and can represent a better value than new.
  • We offer Financing!

We act as an agent for many fine banks and lenders. In minutes, we can find you not only a lender but a great rate, too. In fact, we encourage you to shop for financing before you start shopping for cars. Then. check with us. You will be surprised how often we find a better rate. It’s because we have access to a dozen competing banks in an instant!

Some buyers have blemished credit histories but that doesn’t lessen your need for a car. We also have lenders who are willing to work with customers who are trying to get on track. If you need a car, we can make it happen. 

Fill out our online credit application below and one of our team members will contact you soon. 

Extended Warranties: 

In addition to the standard New York State Warranty, we also offer extended warranties. We use experienced professional buyers to select quality cars for our inventory. It’s better for everyone if we could deal only in perfect cars but … even new cars aren’t perfect. Extended warrantees are a low cost peace of mind option to insure that your car outlives your loan. 

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